The Rev Charles Mickle

(creator: Henry Charlton Beck)

Henry Charlton Beck
The Rev Charles Cooper Mickle appeared in only one or two of Beck's five detective novels. These were Cakes to Kill (1932) and Death by Clue (1933). I would welcome further information about them, as I have never been able to find them except at absurd prices, but I understand that Cakes to Kill is about the feud between High and Low Church parties in an Episcopalian diocese. Two vestrymen lose their lives in mysterious circumstances and Father Benham send for an old friend, a newspaper man, to help him solve the mystery. If you can tell me more,please get in touch with me via my guest book.

Father Henry Charlton Beck (1902-1965) was a well-known Episcopal priest and author of numerous books about South Jersey. His first job was as a staf writer on the Camden Courier Post. It was while he was there that he decided to research and write about out-of-the-way, largely forgotten places in southern New Jersey. He found he had a natural talent for drawing interesting memories from the characters he interviewed, and published a whole series of books about the district. He was a committed member of the Grace Episcopal Church but had to wait for years until after the end of World War II before he was accepted for a longed-for deaconate. In 1948 he was ordained as a priest, working at first in parishes, and later writing for church papers and lecturing full- under special assignment to the Bishop of New Jersey. He died from a heart attack in 1965 at the age of 62.

There used to be a long and interesting article about Beck by Don Harris that was also available as a pdf file, but unfortunately this has now disappeared from the web.

His travel books are readily available.

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It is Beck's travel books, like this one, that are remembered. It's his detective stories that have been forgotten.
This is one of the two books that feature clerical detectives.
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